On behalf of the leadership of Labour party (LP) led by Hon Ceekay Igara, members of the SWC, Stakeholders and supporters of the Abia State ruling party of hope…,
We send congratulatory message to every residents and friends of Abia people that came to Umuahia on Sunday 4th June to join us in the THANKSGIVING service hosted by the messenger of God to his people, the Executive Governor of Abia State, H.E, Dr. Alex Otti and His Deputy Engr. Ikechukwu Emetu.

A popular Igbo words of wisdom states Etoo Dike na nke omere, Omee Ozo* (Meaning; if you praise your Chi for what he has done, he will do more)

Today, the Leadership of the Party has joined our Governor, His Deputy and all elected Officials of the Party to show gratitude to our creator for delivering people of Abia State from over 2 decades of political bondage.

We equally used the occasion to thank our God for bringing us this far as a people and a political party that have exhibited humility in our relationships with every citizens of Abia State, disciplined in our quest for administrative control of the state and focused in our determination to see entire Abia and its people liberated from those who had held them hostages without mercy.

We had started with prayers, re-dedicating our homeland, Abia to God Almighty, and He indeed answered with rains and thunderstorms on the 29th May, to sweep entire Abia clean of human filths and amoral behavior of injustice and criminality.

Today, We show gratitude not only to our God for remembering us and rescuing us from the hands of the enemies of the state that was once parading as political office holders,

We show immense gratitude to everyone residents in Abia and friends of Abia people for standing with us till date.

We thank you for your loyalty and support to our Executive Governor, H.E.Dr Alex Otti and his Deputy, Engr Ikechukwu Emetu.

We thank you for believing in Labour Party as the choice of the Hardworking People of Abia State, there can be no better alternative to Labour Party at this point in our history because we are disciplined, focused and committed to humanity and socio-economic development of our homeland

We show gratitude to our God who has returned us to our place of honour and glory as in the days of our founding fathers M.I.Okpara, Dede Sam Mbakwe, etc

Once more, to every residents that wants the best to happen to our homeland, this is your party.

As stated by God’s Messenger to his people, H.E.Dr Alex Otti, the Executive Governor of Abia State, this administration is going to lift many ordinary people of Abia State from poverty to wealth and create many millionaires of Abia State origin

Therefore, feel free to visit the headquarters office of Labour Party if you’re visiting Umuahia
Monday to Friday and align with the great Change that is about to happen in the lives and business of every citizen and residents of Abia State from any location you may find yourself in Abia state

Thank your and God’s blessings upon you all
I remain your humble messenger

Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary

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