The leadership of Labour party on behalf of the State Chairman, Hon. Ceekay Igara and members of the SWC is using this medium to thank and congratulate the good people of Abia State for their massive turn out yesterday 29th May 2023, to show solidarity and affirm their loyalty to the People’s governor, the man sent by Almighty God to lead Abia to the land of hope, Peace and prosperity, His Excellency, Dr Alex Otti, the Executive Governor of Abia State and his Deputy, Engr Ikechukwu Emetu

Despite the rains and thunderstorms, that may have appeared disruptive, Almighty God of the Abians, certainly has, of a purpose, chosen the heavy early hours downpour to wash off the filth, corruption, wickedness, deception and every form of criminality that has been established for over 2 decades of hostage by enemies of the good people of Abians, therefore the rains and thunderstorms was a welcome development

Behold a new Abia is birthed, a homeland of Industry, commerce and creativity and a government that is committed to raising millions of Abians from poverty to prosperity henceforth.

We encourage Abians and residents of Abia State to see our emergence as the Ruling party as an opportunity to forge alliance with people of conscience, humanity and discipline in all spheres of administration that will project a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Every residents of Abia State and indigenes should embrace Labour Party as their party, and a party of the future and brighter days ahead for the entrepreneurs, artisans and civil servants

Our governor, His Excellency Dr Alex Otti is a man tested and proven for his administrative skills, fiscal prudence and humanity to see the success of people of every categories in Abia state

Our elected Officers are great Abians commited to the cause of liberating entire people of Abia from the sordid past of underdevelopment beginning from their Constituencies

*With your support and Cooperation to this great leadership assignment you have bestowed upon our governor, H.E.Dr Alex Otti and His Deputy, H.E, Engr. Ikechukwu Emetu, Abia State will rise again to place of honor, joy and prosperity.

My good people, Stand up and be counted, this is your party, and we are committed to bring to reality all the promises made by His Excellency, God’s Messenger to his people, Dr. Alex Otti

Thank you and God’s blessings upon you
Forward Ever

Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary

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