Kelvin Jombo promises Fresh hope for the youths As he joins Race for Ohafia/Arochukwu Federal Constituency

A vibrant young man Chief Kelvin Jombo Onuma, the IGURUBE of Abiriba is in the race to represent Arochukwu-Ohafia Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives.

The young dynamic CEO of Sublime Industries Limited, Sublime Luxury Homes Ltd Hotels & Suites Ltd, Sublime Star Pharmaceuticals Limited and Jombo & Mark Autos Limited was recently honoured by the Udumeze of Ohafia as the Agbawodike Izu of Ohafia.

In this interview with newsmen, Chief Jombo Onuma, a renowned philanthropist speaks on his sojourn to politics, his exploits in the business world and why he prioritised Aba in his business investments.


Sir, I am aware that you are running for the Federal House of Representatives, but let’s first of look at Abia state before we zero down to your constituency, there’s a lot diverse opinions about Gov. Ikpeazu achievements in the state, what’s your opinion?

Leadership is not easy, we need to judge Gov. Okezie based on what was on ground before he was elected. Anyone who was used to Aba in particular will tell you that Aba was in a total mess. Before he came here there was a chaotic atmosphere, no road, no security, it was only the environmental aspect that he was managing that was working. Accepted that in his first tenor he was seriously distracted with several law suits, but he still showed capacity by laying the foundations of most of the projects he is rounding up today. That is why some investors are trooping to Aba today. Look an Aba boy like me, I ran to Lagos too to invest in hotels, Estate etc. But today, as a result of the stability he brought back to the system our aluminum factory will soon go into production. We are investing massively in Real Estate in Aba. Look at the level of high development going on in Aba you will that it justifies our decision. Governor Okezie is making the call by our people to come home and invest possible, because he is massively driving the infrastructure needed for it.

Why is your focus on Aba?

When you get Aba right you are doing a great favour to the lives and businesses of my Arochukwu-Ohafia Constituency. Majority are living and doing their business in Aba. So pardon me if l focus my attention on the popular Enyimba City.

Heading to the Federal House to serve your people, others have been there before. What difference are you bringing to the table?

Am bringing a lot to the table. I am bringing fresh hope, hope to the youths, fresh ideas, l am showing the way and telling our people that it can be done. The Centre-Piece of my Representation will be Anchored on the Framework of Collectivism and General Welfare aimed at giving Hope and Life to the Poor, Weak and Vulnerable in Our Society Across Party-Lines. ‘Fair Society Bill’ will define my time in the Green Chamber. I am heading to Federal House to continue in a far more larger platform with what l have been doing over the years with the Kelvin Jombo Fondation. This is more of a call to serve to me. Abandoning my business to do this was so difficult, but when your people insists, saying no becomes an arrogant resistant against you people.

My Constituents and Inhabitants of Arochukwu-Ohafia Federal Constituency are not just numbers, they are also Nigerians and Abians that deserve access to better Schools, hospitals, Super-Markets and Recreations facilities just like other Nigerians and Abians in Abuja, Lagos, Aba and Umuahia. I will Work with Colleagues from Rural and Semi-Urban Federal Constituencies who constitute the Majority in the Green Chamber to Initiate and Pass sweeping bills to promote even development during National Policy Formulation and Fiscal Planning with clauses to domesticate the Laws in the federating component States.

The Inputs of My Constituents will be critical to my performance in The Green Chamber. I will Set-up Constituency Offices in Ohafia, Arochukwu, Abam, Abiriba, Nkporo and Ihechiowa to bring the Green Chamber Closer to my People.

Does it mean your being forced into this struggle, if yes, will you have the capacity to deliver then?

I think the people saw capacity before they collectively took a stand against the interests and pressure from all angle.

As a youth going to the federal house to serve your people, outside your immediate constituency, Nigerians will like to know what do you have to offer the youths generally?

Outside my immediate constituency, my mission to the Green Chamber is to initiate and sponsor landmark social and economic legislation that will shape and have far-reaching impact on the generality of the ordinary citizens of Nigeria.

Outside being called to serve, as an individual what actually motives you to answer the call?

In my pursuit of business and knowledge after travelling round the globe, l ask myself why can’t we as a Nation, have a deliberate policy backed by an Act of the Parliament to send and fund an army of Our best and brilliant students to study and acquire skills of the future from Top Universities and Institutions of Technology around the Globe. As Technologically developed and advanced as China is, they have not stopped such national policy till date.

Coming from the oil producing state what is your opinion of Petroleum Industry Bill?

It is bereft of Vision to pass the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) into Law without a provision to invest part or percentage of the proceeds from our aging hydrocarbon resources (A resources that will soon give way to renewable and clean energy) into the technology of the future like batteries and solar panels production plants around the Nation to continue to remain a player in the energy world. As a Member of the House of Representative, I will Initiate an amendment of the PIB Law to accommodate the re-investment of a defined percentage of the proceeds into the emerging technologies of the future. A future after oil and gas resources . This is the only way we can have a guaranteed and assured future for the next generation.

Earlier on you talk about bringing fresh hope, can you take us into confidence over what that hope will be?

Mine is an aspiration driven by vision, Ideas and empathy. Laws and Acts of Parliamentre useful to the extent that they, are applied to solve societal problems. All the Bills that I will Initiate will be people-oriented because I will be sent to the Green Chamber by the People, and I will work with colleagues to strengthen the over-sight functions of the Parliament during implementation.

Our Country is on life support. The panacea to reviving her are fiscal federalism, reducing the cost of governance, giving Nigerians hope and creating an Enabling environment for a private sector driven economy. The Parliament must genuinely partner with the other arms and layers of Government for the revival. I am prepared to be part of that genuine partnerships.

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