James Uchegbuo Congratulates Buhari

A political analyst ,Engr James Nnadozie Uchegbuo has congratulated president Buhari on his reelection. Engr James Nnadozie Uchegbuo who congratulated President Buhari on his meritorious victory at the polls, while briefing newsmen in Umuahia, advised that Mr. President should take the whole nation as one and make a wider effort to ensure that the common man has food on his table. He said, “more efforts should be made to ensure that Boko Haram and the allied are wiped out of the country and most importantly section three (3) of the armed robbery and fire arm tribunal made no provision for Fulani herdsmen to bear arms, so supervisory security agencies should ensure that the Fulani herdsmen bears no arms and should limit their areas of operations in their private business without infringing on other people’s businesses like farmers. “Fulani herdsmen nearly draw the country into another civil war and if they are not checkmated, the dangers cannot be predicted”. Uchegbuo called on all political parties that participated in the presidential election especially the PDP to embrace and support President Buhari to succeed in his second tenure instead of distracting him with series of litigations. He said, “In every contest, there must be a winner and there must be a loser. The election has been conducted except in few states like in Abia central and Abia South where the election was rigged. “Since all the contestants have a common goal to develop the state and Nigeria as a whole and since politics is a form of game or sport, those who lost should accept defeat with the spirit of sportsmanship and join the winners to move the nation forward. “Let not the winners take it all, they should have a space to accommodate the losers, so that all of us will jointly move the nation forward. “I listened to the democratically elected President last night, he spoke very maturely. He has much space in his heart to accommodate the opposition parties that contested with him, because he recognized his position as the father of Nigerians. So, the opposition parties should cooperate with him in order to move the nation forward”.

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