Igbo has 100 Qualified Candidates For 2023 presidency, says Nwodo

Igbo Has 100 Qualified Candidates For 2023 Presidency Says Nwodo

The Former Governor of Enugu State, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo has said that Igbo tribe has over 100 qualified candidates who can do better if elected president comes 2023 presidential election in Nigeria .

Nwodo who spoke on Sunday during the 2019 Thanksgiving Mass and End of the year party of Ukehe United Front Abuja Chapter said if the country is fair they should allow an Igbo to be president come 2023.

“We have so many. Igbo can give Nigeria 100 first class candidates.we haven’t gotten there yet but I can tell you that we have 100 qualified presidents who can do better than anybody president in Nigeria.”

He said,” if this country is fair, if there has to be justice in Nigeria, the Nigeria has no alternative in reuniting Nigeria and moving forward than to elect somebody of Igbo extraction as president in 2023; if they don’t do it that is the end of this country.”

He posited that Igbos are very industrious as they have the capacity of developing the country economically.

“The tourism industry in Abuja today is controlled 80% by the Igbo’s; the same thing the economy of Lagos state and the tourism industry of Lagos state is controlled 60% by the Igbo’s, the same for Kano, Kaduna and everywhere.

So the first ambition for Igbo people today is to create a Dubai in Nigeria in the South East, economic emancipation and moving the economic headquarter of Nigeria to the South East, that is our number one ambition.”

He also commended the Ukehe United Front for their commitment in uniting for a common purpose.

He said the organization has produced politicians who are doing well .

“If we are united we can uproot this tree but if you go to uproot it alone, it will take you one week and you will not succeed. So the first thing that this organization is doing for our people is to build unity amongst ourselves.

Number two, to look after each other here because when you are away from home you are cast in the wilderness and if you don’t see your own people, if any ill wind befalls you then you are on your own.

He said,”Some people have arrived here, they have nowhere to stay, the association made sure they had accommodation, they found their feet and they had something to do in Abuja.

Now from this association, we have had members who went home to become chairman of our local government; we have had members who went home and became commissioners; we have had members who went home and became members of the house of assembly.So coming to Abuja, uniting and making yourself known, has helped certain people to feet political feet back home.”

Also speaking, the Chairman, Ukehe United Front Abuja , Barr. Ifesi Nwodo tasked the organisation to keep the fire burning in ensuring the aims of establishing it is not defeated.

He pleaded with well meaning members of the organisation to put their hands on desk in supporting it to meet up the aims and objectives of establishing it.


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