I Killed My Boyfriend For Cheating On Me ..A Lady Confesses

Jealous Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend To Death (Video)

A trial video circulating on social media as shown the moment was confessing to killing her boyfriend. The lady was being filmed and interrogated by her neighbours who had caught her trying to escape after perpetrating the act.

When she was asked why she killed, she said the boyfriend had always been cheating on her. She went further to claim that, the boyfriend cheated on her the first time and she let it go, and he did it again and she also let it go but the third time she became very angry and jealous.

We, however, advised that people going into relationships should be very careful and study the kind of person they are going into a relationship with to avoid incidence like this one.

Some people are very jealous in relationships and they would do anything to secure their relationship even if it means killing their spouses. Ladies are the ones who get jealous the most as their feelings and emotions are very fragile.

We would have love to know where this incident happened, but sadly the people interrogating the lady failed to mention where the incidence occurred.

Here is the link to watch the video:

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