I am going to Bring Unity In Umuahia Urban Constituency Deacon Iyke Promises

By Steve Unegbu

Deacon Iyke Nwoke has made known some of his plans if elected to represent Umuahia Urban State constituency in Abia House of Assembly

He said he has waited for 12 years for this provision to contest for the position and that 12 years ago he was asked to wait and he waited to avoid creating coerce and now that it is the right time said God has given approval as well as his people that is why he termed his aspiration Divine Mandate.

His words, ” I have waited for 12 years for this provision. I have always waited each time I came out in the past ,I would be asked to wait and I would wait because I don’t want to create coerce .

” The last time ,I contested for Election was 12 years ago.I have been patient ,I have respected the party ,I have respected every body that matters and now is the right time”

I am going to bring unity because there is this dichotomy about the real indigene and non indigene thing.

” I am going into the issue to resolve it .

The non indigene and those who are not from Umuahia may feel neglected but I am telling you that many of them were born here,they grew up here,they joined politics in this town.

” We are going to give them sense of belonging because they are our brothers and we have to join hands with them because we have a major part of them as part of the constituency”

He lauded the Speaker for his developmental strides, adding that,” I have always respected his opinion,his action and developmental strides.

” I want to salute his courage because he has done what many people can not do and we are also believing God.
” And if He gives us the strength and the willingness,we all know the shoe he is going to leave behind will be so big and large for anyone to fit into but I will continue where he stops” he said

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