How We Escaped From The Collapsed 2-Storey Building In Umuahia A Man Recounts

For Mazi Dike a house -builder from Arochukwu, yesterday being Thursday 24th February,2022 will remain a remarkable day in his life .

Narrating how they escaped being trapped in the collapsed building in Uwalaka Road Umuahia,Abia state,he said that God saved him and his colleagues from being victims of sudden death as a result of building collapse .

It was gathered that the 2 storey building located at No 29 Uwalaka Road Umuahia which collapsed during the night period,few hours after the workers left the site to their houses,only to return the next morning and saw the debris of the collapsed building on the ground.

Interacting with SouthEastBreaking News, Mr Dike expressed gratitude to God for sparing his life and that of his co-workers .

His words, ” My name is Mazi Dike ,I am from Arochukwu in Abia state. I have been doing this work for years now and I have always been very prayers and ensure that I keep my hands clean from evils .

” We worked at that building site yesterday till evening before we closed for the day to continue the next day,but we decided not to sleep there and went back to our houses .

” We came back this morning to continue from where we stopped yesterday,only to see that the building has collapsed.

” It was God that held the building from collapsing upon us while we were still working that yesterday,if not we would have been dead people by now.

” Our working tools are still inside the collapsed building ,but our lives are the most important thing. We are very grateful to God Almighty for sparing our lives and I will be organizing a thanksgiving Service to thank God for this uncommon miracle “
Commenting on what could have been the cause of the collapse, he attributed it to over load, saying that the added construction work and blocks should have carried pillars to serve as support to the entire building being an old building that is under renovation.

Reacting to the rumors making round that the Engineer in charge of the building is not an experienced man in the job, he simply debunked the rumors, clarified that the Engineer has been in this kind of work for long time , just that maybe he did not fore see the building collapsing.

In similar vein, a brother to the owner of the building who spoke on condition of anonymity, explained that,” we were relaxing and chilling outside the ground floor, after the day work , however I was having strange feelings that something evil was coming, suddenly I have that pressure to urinate ,hence I stood up and crossed the other side of the road to ease myself.

When , I was through with the urinating and was about crossing the road back, behold I saw the building coming down with loud noise and I had to run for my dear life and my friends were not sitting close to the building, it was only dust from the building that affected them .
I thank God for saving us ,no single life was lost in the collapse building, it is God’s doing.

Meanwhile,as the time of filling this story, the debris of the collapsed building was yet to be evacuated.

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