The Abia State Chapter of Labour Party notes with unbelievable shock and disappointment the rising wave of unprovoked acts of political violence being unleashed by agents of PDP led Abia state government against its members and supporters, as well as on properties belonging to the aforementioned persons.

In some cases, our members and supporters have either been threatened, attacked in their houses, ejected from venues of meetings or prevented from holding peaceful gatherings.

Being at home with Abia state government’s anachronistic strategy which is rooted in primitive violence and undemocratic extremism, we clearly understand that the intention of the government is to instill fear and panic in the minds of our supporters and other opposition members ahead of campaigns for the 2023 general election, and wish to state the following:

1.That Labour Party is a peaceful party made up of responsible and law abiding citizens who are desirous of pursuing their political ambitions with decency and decorum devoid of violence and brigandage, and thus would not intentionally engage in acts capable of breaching the peace of Abia state and endangering the lives and properties of Abians.

  1. That notwithstanding our peaceful disposition and dedication to pursuing our political ambition in adherence to the provision of our laws and all known democratic tenets, we would not under any circumstance sit idly and watch Abia state government and PDP unleash their medieval brigands on our law abiding members, supporters and indeed innocent Abians.

3.That the plot by the PDP led Abia state government to use false petitions to intimidate and illegally incarcerate our members, especially our candidates whom they consider threats to their ambitions, is one impunity we have resolved to fiercely and fearlessly repel with every energy in us.

4.That the PDP led government’s premature panic is a creation of calamitous failure in the governance of Abia state, hence their fear of taking part in a free and fair democratic contest which they know would give Abians the opportunity to pass their PVC-induced guilty verdict on them.

  1. That the misdirected energy and misused resources being deployed to hound, harass and humiliate innocent Abians who are poised to getting rid of the PDP come 2023 should be channelled to reviving and repositioning our key institutions that are presently being grounded in high proportion as a result of the present government’s directionless leadership.
  2. A state being ravaged by insecurity to a point that its citizens from Umunneochi, Isuikwuato and its Surroundings cannot visit their homes or freely engage in business activities due to kidnapping should not have a government that’s so careless and insensitive to the point of abandoning such challenges and resorting to wasting public funds fighting imaginary political enemies,even after pocketing hundreds of millions from security vote every month.

7.That the Labour Party, it’s leaders, stakeholders and indeed her supporters across the nation will no longer tolerate any violent onslaught from the PDP led Abia state government. This release serves as last warning.

8.Finally, we are by this release putting security agencies and indeed, the general public on notice that the PDP led Abia state government should be held accountable should there be any breakdown of law and order in Abia state.

Abia and Abians deserve peace and we must collectively work to maintain peace in our state for the sake of our people.

Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary,
Labour Party.

Ferdinand Ekeoma
Alex Otti Campaign Organisation.

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