Governor Alex Otti On Clear Mission To Restore Sanity In Abia, Distractive Attackers Can’t Obstruct Him

Governor Alex Otti is On A clear Mission To Bring Some Sanity In Abia,Distractive Attackers Can Not Obstruct Him.

By Okey Peter,Abuja

When I put on my data few minutes ago, I saw a higher than usual volume of messages from different WhatsApp platforms that I belong, I also went through my Facebook account,I observed the same thing.The first one I opened was the inspid article from one attacking bull dog with his vituperative outburst against Governor Alex Chioma Otti. It was a riotously, uneducated, side-splittingly error-ridden, indefensible post against the man Abians overwhelmingly elected few months ago to bring smiles on their faces.

Another one was such an uproariously juvenile drivel that I frankly thought was written by a kindergarten who was trying his hand at textual cartoon. I actually laughed hysterically as I tried in vain to comprehend their genuine reason for those terrible posts.

Who will not laugh after reading of “ineptly scripted toxic article “
I further opened another post in my Facebook wall and found that all the articles were all targeted at the Governor of Abia State. That was when I realized that they were not after all comedic scripts hurriedly written by juveniles who were in ‘Learner’s class; they were actually written to ridicule and distract the number one citizen of the State,Dr Alex Chioma Otti !

After reading these articles,at first,I wanted to ignore them ,but on a second thought, I felt it is wise to speak out and caution these distractive elements.

Democracy they said is government of the people by the people and for the people and part of the joy of democracy is that it gives room for constructive criticisms from the opposition party and other individuals which is aimed at keeping the ruling party on its toe and helps the government in power to be on the right track,but not when few individuals are embarrassingly rambling incoherent articles attacking, Dr Alex Otti who is not a mission to witch-hunt any person or group of persons,rather as a servant leader who Abians gave their mandates to recover and restore Abia State to her lost glory.

My sincere word of advice for all of you who are on a ‘distractive mission’ against Governor of Abia,Dr Alex Otti, maybe you are already fidgeting because of the recent inauguration of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry on the recovery of government properties and funds belonging to Abians,just hasten up and do the needful by quietly returning all the properties and funds you directly or indirectly looted when you were given the rare opportunity of contributing to the growth and development of Abia State,if not adopting distractive attacking strategy will never do you any good and you can not become obstruction to a man on divine mission.

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