Good news for Aba Textiles and fabrics traders as Emeka Nnamani vows to challenge high tariffs on their goods.

Rt Hon. Emeka Nnamani

Help is coming on the way of Aba textiles and fabrics traders in terms of reduction in tariffs on those raw materials as Rt Hon. Emeka Nnamani has vowed to challenge the high tariffs imposed on those materials, making them to be rated as luxury commodities

Nnamani who made this known to Newsmen shortly after his inauguration thanksgiving service and reception held in Aba, pledged to interface between the traders in Aba and the federal government agencies like customs on the high tariffs imposed on some of the raw materials imported into Aba.

According to him,” I personally hold it wrong completely to have a high driven tariffs on textiles and fabrics.

“These are materials that are ought to be considered as raw materials and not finished products and it is absolved to have such tariffs as on such materials as high as 8-12 million Naira per a container” he said

He pointed out that the high tariffs imposed on those materials is affecting the cost of the materials, making them being graded as luxury commodities where as they are not.

Continuing,he explained that Aba usually accounts for huge part of importation of textiles and fabrics in Nigeria and “the high tariffs on them should be challenged,even if it means inviting the custom Controller General” he said

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