By Steve Unegbu
The Abia state Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Meshach  Jatau ,  has urged drivers and other road users  to apply carefulness and patience when driving on the road, said ,patience is very vital to ensure a successful and crash free journey.
The FRSC Abia Boss , who made this disclosure, while interacting with Newsmen at his office in Umuahia, Abia state, pointed out that Most of the crashes witnessed on the road  are man- made as a result of  impatience and not being careful by most  drivers.
Speaking further, he revealed that “there are then certain things we are expected to do which we do  not do ,for instance, we drive under influence, it means that people sometimes take drugs, drink alcohol in a bit to stay awake. We try to discourage it “
 According to him,  ” People do not understand that driving is a serious business, people understand that trading is a serious business, office work is a serious business, banking work is a serious business and because of that they do not drink in the morning before they go for business, Now people think that driving is a  jamboree, a social event ,a carnival, a festival  and so they drink before they start driving, but if they understand that driving is a serious business, they will wait to arrive at their destination before they enjoy their jamboree, before they start drinking ” he said
He cautioned  people against   drinking and driving , revealing  that once a driver is under influence, his or her judgment is impaired.
His words,  ” Once you drink  and you get engage in driving ,that is when your senses are charged, your judgement is impaired, you are completely tense up.  you find out that  because of alcohol in your system, you are so tense up ” added that
 what the Federal Road Safety Corps is concerned and discouraged is alcoholism leading to loss of lives and properties.
He disclosed that  ,according to  the World Health Organization  world Disaster Report , that about 1.3 million people  die annually due to road crashes and if something is not done by year 2020 ,which is barely one month left, the people dying through road crashes will rise to 1.9 million world wide ,added that ninty percent of them are Africans
He therefore called for wider sensitization  on the knowledge of traffic laws among the drivers to enable them understand the consequences of road crashes and the need to avoid them.
He lamented that ,”  the sudden death through road crashes is very devastating , Bread winners die, children drop out from school”
He urged  Ndi  Abia to be  patient, be their brothers’  keeper and  extend the love and blessings of the season to others  ,pointed out  that  “if we can extend these attitudes onto the roads, we will have crash free period”

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