Floyd’s Death : Police Kneels In Solidarity With US Protesters Across America

BREAKING NEWS: Police Kneels In Solidarity With US Protesters Across America

Miami witnessed a peculiar sensation as Police were seen kneeling down for protesters.

This gesture is coming as an apology for the death of George Floyd. It also served as a demonstration of the cops’ commitment to ending police brutality in America.

The Death of George Floyd has sparked renewed interest on the subject of racism.

George Floyd was murdered by a White policeman who pinned him on his neck with his knee. He continuously pleaded for breath before he died.

His death recalled the murder of other black men such as Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, among others.

As a result, there have been massive protests around the US cities such as Louisville, Minneapolis, Georgia among others.

In the manner which the White Cop was killed, that is, by kneeling on Floyd’s neck, Miami Police knelt in a similar manner to plead to the protesters. They also went ahead to hug the protesters.

Other cops were seen carrying banners bearing inscriptions such as “end police brutality now”.

This is a commendable display and it portrays the American police as a very intelligent organization.

African police force can also emulate such noble acts in times when the actions of a member of the force destroys the reputation of the police force.

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