Ezeife : Regional Security ,Restructuring Good For Nigeria’s Development

Ezeife: Regional Security, Restructuring Good For Nigeria’s Devt

Former Governor of the old Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuebuka Ezeife, yesterday said the regional security outfit of the South-East extraction was another landmark achievement of the region’s governors, which should be commended if actualised. Speaking to Saturday Telegraph in Awka, on the issue of the regional security outfit, he said the outfit was as old as Nigeria’s independence. He said: “When we heard about it in Abuja, we were dancing that the South-East governors met and agreed on a regional security outfit. We commended them.

“We even wrote a commendation letter, which I, as the chairman of Igbos in Abuja, and my Secretary, signed. “But suddenly some unconfirmed news started filtering in that it is no longer going to be established. “Now that they are going ahead with it, it is a welcome development. We need it.

Every Region of this country needs it, in fact, it’s no longer negotiable.” Ezeife also described the coming on board of the South- East and other regional security outfits as the beginning of the long awaited restructuring, which all the sections of Nigeria had agreed is the only solution to the socio-economic and political problem ravaging the country. The former governor recalled that before the Biafran -Nigeria civil war, the structure of the country was what placed her above other countries of the world.

He added: “You see, between 1945 and 1966, Nigeria was growing more than some part of the world; regional constitution at the federal level, where the Exclusive List was not very long. “At a time, the World Bank was quoted as saying Nigeria was growing faster than the world.

“But today, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, because the military that ruled the country ruined Nigeria.” He said the only saviour left for Nigeria is to restructure and any departure from the yearning and aspirations of the majority of Nigerians at the point we are may spell doom for the country’s corporate existence.

Ezeife: Regional security, restructuring good for Nigeria’s devt

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