Eze Emelike Chiabuotu marks 10 years on throne request for govt’s assistance to fight Erosion in his community

The traditional Ruler of Eziama/Mbaja autonomous community Ossah Ibeku Umuahia North,Abia state,HRH Eze Emelike Chiabuotu has marked his 10 years as the traditional ruler of his community and 11 years of the creation of the autonomous community by the government.

Eze Chiabuotu while interacting with Newsmen in his palace in Ossah during the celebration described it as 10 years of God’s grace on his autonomous community,added that the threats of erosion is one of the greatest challenge facing his community and requested for government assistance to remedy the ugly situation .

He said the community was created 27 of September,2011 before he was coronated and ” we are rejoicing because we are thankful to God for Protection because this 10 years have been very good and outstanding years”

“We have moved forward,we have made a lot of progress and most importantly it is not easy for people to submit to total to an authority especially when there is a change,we had pockets of opposition,we had minor disagreement but I want to tell you that every other opposition have collapsed to the authority of this throne”

Speaking on the community achievements under his watch,he revealed that,” You can not do everything and government can not do everything.

“In my first year,I single handedly through my contacts with NDCC brought the transformer to my community after they stayed 8 months without light.

“We have renovated our Town hall, through the developmental levies we got from our tenants and we saved up and gave ourselves a befitting event center.

” Let it be on record that no person in my community has paid a developmental levy in the past 10 years . whatever we have done we have used our money judiciously to create roads, empower the women and the “children

The area government should come in and help them,he said,” We live in an erosion prone area .It is part of the challenges we have as a community,so many people have been sacked from their homes because of threats of erosion and honestly that is one of the greatest challenge. We want government to help us ,we need help too

” We want government to check this erosion wether through government agencies, ministries or all other government assisted bodies “

“Finally,we not done badly,we have also done too well,we have hurt some people and we have also please some people. We can give ourselves 80% pass mark”

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