Eulogies As the body of late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam is committed to Mother Earth

By Steve Unegbu

Picture of late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam

The remains of late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam,who died at the age of 85 have been committed to Mother Earth in her husband’s compound in Umuadawa village of Umunakanu autonomous community Ehime -Mbano LGA,Imo state.

In his homily,the officiating priest who is the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement Bishop of Okigwe diocese,Rev.Raymond John eulogized the late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam as a devoted Christian who not only surrendered her life despite her beauty but was very prayerful.

Rev. John enjoining the family members to continue with the pray life and other good legacies mama left behind

The priest who preached from the book of Corinthians 15:50 , Thessalonians 4:13 and Numbers 23:10, called on Christains not to forget the day of their death, advised that any body that forget a day of death is unfortunate.

Family members during the funeral service

Bishop John revealed that late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam prayed to die the death of the righteous and urged Christains to pray the same prayer for them to die the death of the righteous.

The Remains of late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam being carried out of Mortuary premises

Continuing, he disclosed that flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God, neither does corruption inherit the kingdom and warned people to run away from all sort of wickedness, corruption, worshipping of idols, gossiping, plotting the downfall of the innocent, shedding of blood, bribery among others, said those who are involved in all these wickedness will have their place in hell and will be tormented forever.

The corpse being carried out

Interacting with Newsmen shortly after the burial,the first son Mr Patrick Anyiam explained that,” I feel great that we successfully buried our Mom .My Mom lived a good life and an exemplary life ,so today we have given her a befitting burial and I am happy things worked out well” he said.
Describing his Mom as a hard-working woman and advised people to always ensure they take care of their mothers .

Choristers ministering during the funeral service

In his words,” I took care of my mom and where she is happy wherever she is now, I wish all the people that came for this ceremony well for coming to give my Mom a befitting burial”

Mr Patrick Anyiam

Addressing Newsmen during the ceremony,the last daughter Comrade Evangelist Nwabuko Ngozi A, expressed appreciation to God for keeping her alive to witness the burial of her mother.

According to her,” I feel so happy that I witness today ,I really thank God how things went.The crowd was much and it was a success.

” The devil wanted to take away my life before this burial but thank God for His faithfulness and I am alive to witness the burial of my mother” she said.

Comrade Evangelist Ngozi Nwabuko

Describing her mother,” My Mom was a woman of faith,a child of God,a committed and dedicated Christian. I am really proud that I came through her because what I am today in the Lord,it was a grace that was impacted to me through her and I thank God.

” She was a woman of prayers,a Bible woman,an Evangelist,a woman of peace,a Queen,very beautiful woman and I am going to miss her prayers because she would always pray and when she prayed,I would hear her tell God,” Chineke,muna ezi na ulo m,gbakwtere gi,chebekwa anyi” and I borrowed that prayer so each time I am praying,I will tell God the same and God has been faithful.

” She was a generous woman,I miss her so much, especially her relationship with my children but I can not question God” she concluded.

In his statements while interacting with Newsmen,the first son in law of late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam,High chief Innocent Chukwuemeka Njoku, described the death of his mother inlaw as a disaster.
According to him,” I got to hospital to see her and about one hour later she passed on, that tells you how close we were .

First Daughter and husband High chief Innocent Chukwuemeka Njoku in a dancing mood shortly after the burial

“She wanted to see me before she leaves because of the love she has for me and the love that exist between two of us as the husband of the first daughter.
“She calls me ‘Di Ada m’ and she was a very lovely woman”

Ada and her husband dancing

Hon. Deacon Ikechukwu Nwabuko who is the husband of the last daughter, said he made sure that he fulfilled the plead his mother inlaw made to him while she was alive.

In his own words,” I feel elated that I have achieved a milestone.She specifically asked me to make sure that I come here present and bring my people as I used to do.

” She pleaded with me that is why you see me come here with over 200 people today and all of them,I took care of them personally. I gave them survenirs ,provided vehicles and it cost me a lot .I did that because of the love she has for me.

” She has a lot of trust and love for me and I can not betray her . I do not care what I spent but what is important to me is that I satisfy her desire.

” I know that wherever she is today,she is happy because I made sure that this activity goes on uninterrupted.

Hon.Deacon Ikechukwu Nwabuko shortly after the burial

So I grateful to God for making it possible for people to come here today and we never had any accident or quarrel.The whole place is calm and peaceful, I thank God because He is the only one that gives life and wherever she is today she is happy that my presence is felt”

Describing his mother inlaw, he said late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam was a peace loving and honest woman.

” My mother in law was a peace loving woman,humane and kind .She is one person that says the truth .She prayed for me to start my building and complete it .She also told me she would want to step her feet into that building but unfortunately the building was finished and she could not come there before she passed on.

The Abia State commissioner for Health ,Dr Joe Osuji sympathizing with Evangelist Nwabuko Ngozi

” I advised people to find mother in- laws like her , someone who will encourage the son in-law and frankly, she used to pray for me and look if you have a mother in law that prays for you,it means you have won .

” Do you know that she lived with me ? If she was not happy with me,she would not have lived with me for some years and I will miss her prayers because she was a good mother in law.

” She took me as one of her children and she was standing by me but it is God’s plan for her to pass on and I thank God for her love for me”

In his tribute, one of his sons, Kizito Anyiam described her as a woman whose heart was made of solid gold .

His words,” For all your kindness, you asked for nothing in return.There is love in everything you did. Mama, you made my life worthwhile.

” Mama Kizito,as I look upon your pictures,I recall the sweetest memories of you. Your face is full of sunshine,hope and a charming smiling for me and all.
” You are a wonderful mother,one who never grew old. Your heart was made of solid gold,your eyes were as bright as shining stars radiating both hope and courage”

The burial of late Mrs Comfort Patricia Anyiam attracted Creme de la creme in the society

During the funeral service

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