Abia commissioner For Information Replies Otti

There is a wise Igbo saying that he who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. It is on the basis of that saying that I tend to caution depressed and desperate individuals like Alex Otti from time to time when I see them removing their clothes in the market place in a vain display of idiocy and crass political opportunism. That I get attacked and insulted by recruited Facebook charlatans and other deviants when I move to rescue Alex Otti from self-destructive disputations that distract our Government, would not stop me from calling him out. Just like Apostle Paul said, the slap of a brother is better than the kiss of an enemy. Mr. Otti, even though he, like the proverbial bat, suffers from the dilemma of bi-polarity of origin claims to be my brother from Abia North and therefore, it is incumbent on me to take necessary measures to save him from homolytic tendencies.

Mr. Otti, I will not join those who call you ”otelle” because you are my purported brother but I am compelled to believe that you deserve this appellation because of the frightening dimension to which the debilitating combination of amnesia and hysteria has reduced your person. Your obvious lack of common sense and governance experience coupled with your pretentions cum “I too know mentality” is the reason why everything you touch turns to shreds….

…Mr. Alex Otti, you folded a bank, you folded the Modern Ceramics, you folded APGA in Abia and you even folded your local government of origin, yet, you are shamelessly prancing around, in despicable duplicity, trying hard to fold Abia like you folded everything and everywhere you’ve worked hitherto.

Otti, you are a typical ”otellectual” with plenty theories and empty practice. You lack basic interpersonal relationship skills. You lack basic understanding of political dynamics. You lack basic home base. You lack manners.

Otherwise, WHY would you have the temerity to postulate on issues on which you have little or no practical solution except that you are latching in on the sentiments of hapless wayfarers who are worked up profusely in the heat of your frenzied relapse into fits of epileptic political gyrations….

…While almost all your cacophony of lies do not meet the basic test of truth, you bandy them about in a fixation that recycling such boring tales will help you out of your current deep political quagmire. You forgot the role you played in successive administrations before 2015, the alleged round tripping and all the underground deals for which you felt presumptuously entitled to the ticket of the ruling Party.

You know the difference between Ministries and Parastatals and Institutions with Boards. You are aware that government is not owing it’s workers. But you reel out a motley list of the same set of institutions you and your defunct Bank helped to destroy, which we are currently revamping and reorganizing in the greater interest of posterity.

You thought that the threats and strikes you sponsor and instigate will derail the vehicle of State. You had hoped that your nocturnal meetings with some unscrupulous elements who you planted as moles in these institutions to effect subversive activities would result in cataclysm and chaos. You goofed as ALWAYS. For in the Abia State of today, our focus is on rebuilding the fallen walls bequeathed to this government by the people you now wine and dine with.

Mr. Alex Otti, ABSUTH and Abia Polytechnic are currently being revamped. Sadly, they were ran down by your cohorts. They were made sepulchers by sadists like you. In fact, ABSUTH and Abia Poly which are semi government Institutions, should not only be self-sustaining like their counterparts in the private sector, but are ideally supposed to be adding value to the economic growth of the State.

At the peak of your chicanery, the modern Ceramics was brought into your territory by an unsuspecting investor. You mangled the Institution until it became moribund. You turned around to blame government.
Abia applied for loans like other sister States. You proceeded with your witchcraft to sabotage your State from getting those loans. Today you send your errand boys to snap pictures of projects built with loans and use same as basis to mock your State.

A cursory look at Arochukwu shows no signs that a self-acclaimed super economic hero with contrived connection to power centers emanate from that ancient City. While others lobby the Federal Government to get things done for their people, your impulsive mission in the ruling Party is to convert it to a platform for nuisance. So, with very limited political experience, you are wasting away your years in the ruling Party, chasing shadows as you always have done….

You will recall that while Faulks Road was still under construction and yet to be handed over to the state you instigated the tile traders along Faulks road who begged persistently and against engineering advice that they be allowed limited use of the road. In response to their cries, government asked that the road be opened temporarily and behold, your agents moved in with the heavy tonnage on the road.

Expectedly, trucks conveying tiles and ceramic coupled with the persistent rains this year compromised some sections of the road and that became a major source of fiendish excitement for you and other perennial losers.

The good news you hate to hear is that government is returning to the Faulks road this dry season. We will fix the bad spots and do a total wearing course overlay and then commission the road officially like we did to the once impassable Aba Road, Umuahia.

Then, you and your band of stranded political urchins, will drive away from Faulks Road and relocate to the next available bad road for your festival of absurdity.

Meanwhile, like I said earlier, Mr. Otti, Ole, Otelectual, you brazenly lied to Abians that you had secured a loan from the IFC just to hoodwink them to vote for you. After a thorough fact check, it turned out that you didn’t even apply for any such facility. You supervised the demise of Diamond bank and even attempted to take the bank from the original owners. You supervised the intractable loans that collapsed modern ceramics, Umuahia. You supervised the stealing of APGA in Abia and drove away its founding fathers only to destroy the Party and migrate to your next port of despoliation. You are a luciferic agent, destructive virus and vicious death angel, YET, you shamelessly bandy about a sacrilegious, sanctimonious, hypocritical facade, all in a bid to be handed over the Abia patrimony for another round of your trademark immolation. God forbid.

Mr. Otti, all your lies will not diminish the fact that 90% of the roads Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu did since 2015 are still standing till date. Examples include, Kamalu Road, Umuola Road, Ukaegbu, Road, Park Road, East Street. Omni, Ehere, Ovom, Ochefu, Weeks. Owerri road, Eziukwu, Milverton, Ojike…etc

In fact, remove the Governor Okezie Ikpeazu factor and there will be nothing left in Aba, because Aba in 2015 was in a sheer state of emergency as far as Infrastructure was concerned.

Mr. Otti, what will it cost you to speak the truth? God cannot allow a desperado like you, a confirmed con man, a habitual hater and a lone political renegade to superintend over His people. Power belongs to God, Mr Otti Ole Otelectual. Stop wasting your time. Stop disturbing our folks. Shut up and face your self-inflicted frustrations.

Thank you.
Eze Chikamnayo.
Commissioner for Information and Strategy.
Abia State.

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