Emulate The Life of Lady Adanma Okpara Leave good name Behind Prelate Uche Tells Christians

The Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria his Eminence Dr Samuel Kanu Uche has extolled the exemplary life of the wife of the former Eastern Premier late Lady Adanma Okpara and enjoined Christians to emulate the good qualities and legacies she and her husband Dr Micheal Okpara left behind noting that a good name is better than precious ointment .

In his homily during the burial church service in honour of Lady Adanma Okpara held at Williams Memorial Grammar school , Afugiri in Umuahia North local government area of Abia state, with the theme ,’ A good name better than precious ointment’ he advised that wise men need to produce good reputations for themselves.

Preaching from the holy Bible Ecclesiastes 7:1-2 ,he reminded Christians that life is very brief and that anyone with wisdom approaches life with seriousness,adding that to live life frivously is nothing but foolishness.

He described the family of late Dr Michael Okpara as very highly respected family, pointing out that lady Adanma Okpara lived a life filled with decency, respect, selflessness and worked to better the lives of humanity.

He commended the good leadership qualities of Dr Michael Okpara and his wife, revealing that during their time Eastern Nigeria had the fastest growing economy under Nigeria.

According to him ,” They worked assiduously to make life better for people.They generated jobs for the people and there was no lack of jobs during their time.

” Michael Okpara thought about people not himself and empowered our people.

” Adanma Okpara was supportive to her husband and she did not want the husband to acquire stolen wealth.

” She was a decent woman who remained faithful to the husband and I want to challenge all of us ,the people and the children to emulate the good qualities and legacies they left behind”

He encouraged today’s leaders to stop accumulating wealth to themselves and work the people.

” Some leaders use their wives to steal money from government, great leaders like Michael Okpara,Sam Mbakwe, Akanu Ibiam ,Tafawa Belewa , Awolowo did not do so .

” What matters in life is your good name and what you have transferred to people .The legacies you left behind and not how much you stole and acquired.

” Our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to serve and God gave Him a name that is above other names.
” I urge you to begin to use those stolen money from government to help the people, build hospitals ,help the poor ,give scholarships ,help the widows and repent like Zaccheus in the Bible did and if you do that , you will not die a second death, a good name is better than precious ornament”

Continuing , he decried the level of killings going on in Igbo land, while pleading with those involved to have a rethink.

” I believe what is happening now in Igbo land is sponsored by politicians .Why must we kill ourselves. Why must politicians hire thugs and kill people ,I want to beg that we have rethink,let us embrace peace”

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