DSS Took Cat Away thought Igboho turned into cat says spokesperson

Olayomi Koiki, spokesman to Yoruba Nation Agitator, Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho has likened the recent invasion of his principal’s residence in Soka, Oyo State on Thursday by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) to an “assassination” attempt.

But on Thursday, the DSS said a joint team of security operatives raided Igboho’s residence based on an intelligence report.

In a live broadcast monitored by The Nation early friday, Koiki, said: “DSS released false allegations against him (Igboho) just to silence him and not to speak up again.

“Somebody was not happy we are planning to come to Lagos for the rally. While we were preparing for the rally, somebody was preparing plan B against the rally.

“The plan was that they knew that nobody would stop Sunday Igboho from attending that peaceful rally that we have done in every state,

“So somebody sent a message to DSS, to get to Ibadan and bring Sunday Igboho’s body to Abuja.

“The target was chief Sunday Igboho, the target was to kill him before the Lagos mega rally, they came heavily well prepared

“They came 72 hours before the mega rally, if you read the DSS statement, you’ll know they were prepared to kill him or label him as a criminal.”

Koiki also alleged that DSS officials took away a cat when they raided the house

According to him, operatives thought Igboho turned into the cat to escape arrest.

He said: “Chief Sunday Igboho escaped not because he was stronger but God rescued him. How will they say that they saw one dollar?

“They can label anyone but we will not back down. They want Igboho dead. The target was to kill him but they failed.

“They took one of his cats away, thinking he transformed into a cat during the attack to escape. All the allegations against Igboho should be for terrorists killing people in the country.”

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