Christ Ascension Church Women Umuahia District Seek God’s Intervention In Nigeria

By Steve Unegbu
Christian Women in Abia state  have been called on to pray earnestly for the peace of their families, Abia state and Nigeria as a nation,reminding them that it is only God that can restore peace in Nigeria.
Speaking during the three days program of the Christ Ascension church Umuahia district  ،with the theme : ‘ Mystery of Anointing Should Come ‘  held at the Special Education school for the Blind , Afara Umuahia ,the wife of the Bishop of the Christ Ascension church Umuahia district ,Prophetess Ifeoma Nevo ,said that ,the women gathered to pray according to God ‘s instructions adding that they feel bad because “our Nigeria is no longer how it used to be in the past .We are praying for protection and guidance ,long life and prosperity ” she said.
In her speech ,the District Mother ,Elder Joy U.Kalu ,pointed out that  they came to seek the face of God . “All the women in Christ Ascension church Umuahia district on behalf of our families ,children ,husbands ,Abia state and this great country Nigeria “
She lamented the way things are going on ,in this country ,saying  “Nigerians are not happy  ,hence they women of the Christ Ascension church Umuahia district, decided to come here to cry unto God for His intervention “.
She however ,said with their prayers ,they have handed every thing in the country into the hands of God ,noting that it is only God that has the final say In the affairs of man .
The District Mother ,appealed to the president of Nigeria to have sympathy over Nigerians ,saying they are the ones that voted him in ,adding that he supposed to ensure peace in the country,even as she advised women to go on their knees for God to intervene.
In their separate speeches ,the secretary of Umuahia district ,Elder Apolonia Duru ,expressed happiness over the program ,saying God has taken over their burden, while Mrs Chika Okereke ,said she was very elated ,while urging other women to always participate in things of God.

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