ASUBEB To Provide Computers In All The LGEA Offices, For Data Collection and Information Gathering… Elder Anonaba

By Steve Unegbu
The Abia state Universal Basic Education Board has mapped out plans on how to computerize all its local government area branches,  known as the Local Government Education Authority (LGEA)  in the state.
Addressing the Education Secretaries and the other stakeholders during a- day workshop, held at the ASUBEB headquarter Ogurube layout Umuahia ,the Acting Executive Chairman of ASUBEB, Elder Josiah Okechukwu  Anonaba ,disclosed that  “there is need now to close up any statistical  gap that may come in Basic Education statistical profile and indicators which was considered in the last National Personnel Audit , carried out in 2018  Nation wide data gathering for Basic Education  . It is to establish a system for gathering data. It means every unit must have information system” he said
He said, ” National Personnel Audit (NPA)  2018 exercise is a national mandate to Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC and SUBEBs)  to generate a tool for statistical control of all Basic Schools in Nigeria “
According to him, ” This involves measurable head count of all Basic Education Staff, Teachers and all school age children attending public and private schools ,whether approved, unapproved, registered and unregistered “
He hinted that  all the Local government Education Authority office, must have a laptop and the other computer gadgets, added that  the aim is to keep a credible data base for Universal Basic Education in Abia state
Elder Anonaba ,maintained that, ” We are living in  information age, because of that every realistic planning is based on reliable data collection. We need orientation, especially to the grassroots on data collection “
He lamented that, ” Most of us are  playing over it, most of us even deny Abia state the privilege of data collection and when we do that, we do not know that, it is what count in universal sector “
He stated that, the World Bank and these other Non governmental development agencies, like the UNICEF, based whatever help or intervention assistance, they want to give on reliable data collection “
The ASUBEB Boss, pointed out that, ” I know that Basic Education is a sector that is  always looking for interventions, and I  want to make ASUBEB family, a place for reliable and authentic information gathering, so we really want to make ASUBEB computer compliance in all the LGEAs in the state “
Speaking further, he revealed his plans to bring life to all the Local government Education Area offices in the  state.
His words, ” It is my responsibility to upgrade the functionality of the  LGEAs. I want to see whether I will raise new building in all the LGEAs in the state, thereby making them become more lively. It is important that we do that, because the new structure, we want to adopt now, is for the Junior secondary schools to report to the Education Secretaries “

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