APC : PUBLIC DISCLAIMER, Obinna Oriaku is on his own!

Abia APC pub Sec

The attention of the All Progressives Congress Abia State chapter has been drawn to a certain publication purportedly sponsored by one Obinna Oriaku wherein He suggested that his gubernatorial ambition has the support of Abia APC leaders, adding that He personally consulted the State Leader of the party, State Chairman, APC National Welfare Secretary, Deputy Chief Whip of House of Representatives etc and they harmonized the party for him.

While the party respects individual members right to pursue their political ambitions, it is expected to be done with consistency and honesty without treacherous mindset.

The above information is not only false, but mischievous and a calculated attempt by the sponsor to distort facts and curry undeserving followership. We don’t believe Mr. Oriaku would have authored such public lies in a sound mind and Abia APC expects a quick retraction if He actually did.

For the avoidance of doubts, the said Obinna Oriaku couldn’t have suggested that the State Chairman of APC Dr. Kingsley Ononogbu was his regional manager instead of recognizing him straight as a Boss, since this same Oriaku was too minor to even report to Dr. Ononogbu directly – He reported to the Manager who in turn reported to Dr. Ononogbu as their regional Director.

Again Mr. Oriaku could not have referred to Dr. Ononogbu as a member of the party instead of the State Party chairman – when he ( Obinna Oriaku) was the first person to congratulate Dr. Ononogbu on his victory as Chairman of Abia APC after the Congress.

Even more strange is the insulting and cavalier manner Mr. Oriaku reported a privileged three minutes meeting with High Chief Emenike, after pleading with his former Boss Dr. Ononogbu who graciously took him to Chief Emenike where He pledged his loyalty and commitment to serve under the State Leader towards liberation of Abia State. For the same Oriaku to turn around and twist these facts in such ignominy is to say the least unacceptable.

It is rather a deliberate mischief for Obinna Oriaku to feign party harmonization in his favor. No sane individual would take such character serious. However, let it be known to our terming members, supporters and Abians in general that the current Abia APC leadership provides a level playing ground for anyone with legitimate aspirations. The Party will however not stomach the antics of both present and future moles who would want to distract us from the task of liberating Abia come 2023 polls.

Abians are enjoined to disregard unfounded distractions from politicians who historically depend on name-dropping and inherent fake news for political survival.

Mischief makers and Moles are hereby warned to steer clear of Abia APC match to victory.

Signed: Hon. Okey Ezeala,
Abia State APC Publicity Secretary

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