Amakanma Olokoro Community Celebrates 2019 Iwaji/New Yam Festival

Iwaji ceremony is very symbolic in Amakanma like in every other part of  Igbo land  and it is an annual cultural Festival of the Igbo people held towards the end of raining season.
The Traditional Ruler  and and the good people of Amakanma Olokoro autonomous community celebrated the 2019 Iwaji/new yam festival,with happiness .
With reverence to Almighty God and the  Lord Jesus Christ ,the ceremony started with an opening prayer said by the Traditional Ruler ,HRH Col. Ogbonna Onuoha Rtd ,at his palace ,with breaking of kolanut and other traditional  paraphernalia were observed.
Addressing the newsmen, the  Eze -Elect of Amakanma Autonomous community pointed out that in Igbo land ,the strength of a man in those days is in his farmland,adding that in the days of “our fore fathers the number of bans of yam a man has determines  his strength and ability to feed his family members, a man is noted by the quantity of bans of yam he possesses  “
He noted  that his community celebrates new yam based on their market day,while urging the youths of Amakanma to shun every form of violence to enable their visitors enjoy the festival.
His words , ” I have advised our youths not to be violent in celebration of new yam festival, my emergence to the throne has brought unity and peace among my  people .After my retirement  from the Nigeria Army ,I wanted  to rest ,but my  people insisted that I  should take up the responsibility of being their leader ” ,even he thanked them for believing on him.

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