Abia LIFE-ND sensitises beneficiaries on climate change, financial inclusion, others

Group picture of subject Specialists and Participants

The Livellihood Improvement Family Enterprises-Niger Delta (LIFE-ND) has sensitised its beneficiaries, in Abia communities, on its mainstreaming activities, including climate change, nutrition and financial inclusion.

The three-day sensitisation programme for the incubatees (trainees) and incubators (trainers) took off at Ozuitem in Bendel Local Govermnent Area of Abia.

The training brought together environment/climate change, financial, nutrition experts and others, who exposed the beneficiaries to its mainstreaming activities in agribusiness.

The participants were beneficiaries of various enterprise groups, in rice processing, oil palm processing and poultry.
Also among the participants were executive of the Commodity Apex Development Association (CADA).

State Project Coordinator, Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu

The LIFE-ND State Project Coordinator, Dr Rowland Onyeizu, said the sensitisation was aimed at engaging the communities more, update them on the project activities, especially on issues of mainstreaming.

He emphasised that it was important to engage them on the mainstreaming activities and the strategies they were deploring as they empower the young persons through the various agro-commodities at the state they focus on.

“We have also observed as a result of our experience with our stakeholders that they are not really so much aware of the importance of these specific areas that we are mainstreaming.

“So the purpose of these three days orientation or sensitisation exercise was to help us educate our beneficiaries and stakeholders more on these areas,” he said.
Onyeizu said the training was scheduled for the three senatorial zones in the state, including Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South.

State Agribusiness promotion officer, pastor Godwin Chukwuekezie

The Abia LIFE-ND Agric Business Promotion Officer, Mr Godwin Chukwuekezie, explained that the training was to raise the curiosity and arouse the interests of the beneficiaries in the mainstreaming activities.

He said that various enterprise groups participated in the sensitisation and awareness creation programme in those mainstreaming activities. According to him, we want our incubatees to incorporate our mainstreaming activities into their way of living.

Life -ND national representative ,Ms Bemigho Watergire

Mrs Bemigho Watergire, the. Environment. and Climate Change Officer, LIFE-ND, Port Harcourt Office, who was part of the training team, expressed satisfaction with the exercise.

She said that the training was important for the beneficiaries to improve on themselves, their environment and their businesses.
“We have taught them how they can farm ethically and best agricultural practices,” she said.

A participant, Mr Festus Nwosu, an incubatee of Osikapa Abia, expressed gratitude to the organisers, saying that the training was impactful.

“I have gained a lot.Before now, I didn’t know that some of the foods I used to take are not helpful or heathy enough for me to have energetic body,” he said.

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