Abia Govt, Come To Ntalakwa Oboro And Help Us, People of Ntalakwu Cry Out To Gov. Ikpeazu

The people of Ntalakwa Oboro Autonomous community in Ikwuano local Government Area of Abia state has appealed to the Governor of Abia state ,Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and the Abia state Police Commissioner  to as a matter of urgency, come and rescue them from the activities of Cabals and Fraudsters, who are holding them hostage in their community.

Addressing Newsmen in Umuahia, Abia state capital, the Traditional Ruler of  Ntalakwu Oboro Autonomous community, HRH Eze Prof. Sam. Ajiri, disclosed that, ” there is a cabal that have pooled together and want to sell a large piece of land in Ntalakwu, so they invited Foreigners in particular to come to Ntalakwu  and buy huge plots of land. They want to sell those plots of land, make money for their pockets”
According to him,  ” this cabals have dispossessed  the village Heads which I appointed and nominated councilors,there is no room for that in our constitution. This is something this group is making up”
Eze Ajiri, lamented the kind of intimidation,threats  and pains the entire community is facing from the hands of those people, added that people are afraid to  speak up, because of fear of being killed.
His words, ” The whole community is paralyzed, because we live in a jungle. A jungle essentially where a few people get together and they can conquer you, defeat you and then become, lords of the jungle, so that any body else who makes a noise becomes a distractor to them and they would like to eliminate the person, that is why a lot of people in my community are not speaking up, because they are scared of what could happen to them or members of their families. This is where the government has to intervene ,because I  do not want my people to live in fears ” he said
Eze Ajiri, frowned at the activities of the local police  officers in Ntalakwu Oboro community, alleged that they have been bought over by these cabals. My people live in fear and they are afraid that someone can come in the middle of the night and take them away.It has happened before, one of my community members, was taken away and arranged to be killed, only God saved him. The local police has been paid off. It is unbelievable, what is happening “
He pointed out that many people from Ntalakwu Oboro can not come back to the community, because they are afraid ,hence
” I am calling on the Abia state Government, to come over my community and help us. My people need security. Security is the most important thing that is giving my community and I  so much concern”

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