Abia Assembly: It is
malicious allegation to associate my name with Impeachment saga…. Erondu Uchenna

My attention has been drawn to rumours being bandied around that I was involved in the recent happenings at the Abia State House of Assembly.

For the sake of clarification, I wish to state as follows:

  1. It is self- evident that I am not yet a member of the Abia State House of Assembly.I am therefore at a loss as to how I would have galvanised the 16 members who participated in the May 2, 2023 Sitting of the House when I am not yet their colleague.
  2. At no point did I give any Legislator of the present 7th Assembly any money to effect the change of speakership of the Abia House of Assembly.
  3. At no point did I engage anyone to obtain on my behalf the buy-in of members of the 7th Assembly which i am not a member, for the speakership position of the 8th Assembly as these rumours seem to suggest.
  4. It beats my imagination that my name could be associated with the internal wrangling in the House which has culminated into the present crisis rocking the House when I am not in anyway connected to the day to day activities of the House and cannot possibly be a beneficiary of the outcome of the crisis in whatever way
  5. It is clear that these malicious allegations cum rumour are part of a surreptitious strategy being orchestrated by my traducers who are intent on soiling my good image and by implication that of this government which I have served creditably. I therefore wish to plead that these unfounded and malicious allegations should stop forthwith as it will not serve any useful purpose.
  6. I advise the idle minds manufacturing these lies and rumours and seeking to drag my name down to look for a meaningful venture to engage their brains rather than this reckless path of character assassination which CAN NEVER BE THE EXCLUSIVE PRESERVE OF ANY PERSON OR GROUP OF PERSONS

May God lead us aright and bless our amiable State, Abia

Thank you

Member – Elect
Obingwa West State Constituency
May 4, 2023

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