ABA: LEAVE THE STREETS IN 2 WEEKS —Chief Nwaka Inem tells Street Traders.

In line with the positive revolution being witnessed in Abia State, with a focus on Aba, the Alex Otti government wants to transform into one of the most advanced cities in Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general.

The Abia State government has started taking steps to reform the city and return it to its past glory. This cannot be achieved without an organized and efficient system and the idea of blocking major streets to trade is causing not only serious traffic challenges, but it is also giving the city a dirty look. This type of view scares would-be business tourists, which is what Aba is known for.

With the arrival of Julius Berger in Aba to start work Alex Otti has shown serious commitment towards transforming Aba.

In line , Chief Nwaka Inem the Special Adviser to the Governor on Trade, Commerce & Industry has called on all street traders across Kent, Mosque, Asa, Jubilee, Hospital, Etche, Azikiwe, Pound, Ehi, Cameroon, and Market Roads to organize themselves and choose any of the existing mega markets in Aba and start doing their trade from there.

For instance, the Enyimba Shopping Mall & Outlets is very much available and it was built using the same International standards you can get anywhere in the world.

The official Press Release

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