A Wife Cut off The Husband ‘s Tongue In Owerri Over Side Chic


A medical 🏥 doctor 👨‍⚕️ that works in FMC Owerri was rushed to FMC yesterday…
His wife cut off his upper lips 👄 tip of his tongue 😛 and his lower gum.
After cutting the man, she called her mother in-law to come carry the corpse of her son. Unfortunately for her and luckily for the husband, when he was rushed to FMC, it was discovered he’s still Alive and not dead as the wife had thought/planned.
No update yet, on what actually transpired, as the husband is still unconscious and yet to tell what happened, if he was asleep 😴 when it happened or awake.
No news about the wife whereabout, as the mans family is concerned about saving their sons life.

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