A Lady Recounts how she left Calabar For Enugu To Find Out She has been chatting With 12 -year-Old Boy

Lady recounts how she left Calabar for Enugu to find out she’s been chatting with 12-year-old boy

A story shared by a Nigerian lady on popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, has got people talking.

The woman claimed to have travelled to another state just to visit a man only to find a boy who is not even a teenager.

The lady identified by her Twitter handle as @Nobodyvexx recounted how she travelled all the way from Calabar, Cross River state to Enugu state just to visit a man she has been chatting up.

@Nobodyvexx expressed that she got to the place only to find out that she had been chatting with a 12-year-old boy.

“So I wasted my Transport fare from Calabar to Enugu only to find out That have been chatting with 12 years old boy”, she tweeted

Nigerians reacted to the story with mixed reactions. Some expressed shock at the fact that she did not know it was a 12-year-old and others said he is a 12-year-old but also a man.

victoria’s secrets@Mz_endee

I want to assume she meant that the person had a retarded mind cos I’m very sure you would have done videos calls and exchanged pictures before visiting

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If a 12-year old can move your ass all the way from Calabar to Enugu, best believe he’s no kid, he’s a MAN. Put some respect to it. A real G. 😂
Calabar babes and 🍆 are like this 🤞

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According to other users, they found her story to be unbelievable and accused her of lying to people.

MìGÁ(Beautiful mind )🇳🇬@GbengaMatthew6

Today’s episode on stories that never happen

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Engr. Yasir Arafat Jubril🏗🌉@oil_shaeikh

Another episode of things that never happened. 😏

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