A 3 -Storey Building Collapses At No 90 Nkwere Street Umuahia

A 3 storey building situated at No 90 Nkwere street Umuahia ,Abia state has collapsed.

According to eye witness, who does not want his name mentioned, ” This building is more than  30 years old .The owner and the wife have died for long.It is their children that are taking care of the building. However ,yesterday ,the tenants noticed cracks at the walls and foundation of the building, the cracks  were so conspicuous that they were scared, hence they quickly brought out their belongings .Although some of their belongings are still trapped under the collapsed building, but many important things were successfully removed ,before the building finally went down ”

Speaking further, he noted that ,”the Abia state government had sealed the building through the Umuahia Capital Development Authority (UCDA) ,informing the occupants of the danger of living in such building. Even the closer house was sealed too ,because of the possibility of the building affecting theirs”


SouthEast Breaking News ,gathered that all the tenants escaped successfully ,to the glory of God ,there was no casualty .

Meanwhile, as the time of reporting this incident, the fragments of the collapsed building are yet to be evacuated.



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