48 Persons In Aba Prison For Defaulting Sanitation Laws ….. Hon. Rowland Nwakanma

 By Steve Unegbu
The Manager General in charge of Aba  zone of ASEPA and its environment , Hon.Rowland Nwakanma ,has disclosed  that, ASEPA is  helping the newly created Abia state orientation Agency in their Green Road walk sensitization , since what they are doing is also helping ASEPA  in creating awareness on how people can dispose their waste to avoid littering of waste on the roads  or drainages
Hon Nwakanma ,who made this disclosure during the Road walk sensitization program organized by the Abia state Orientation agency, pointed out that  Governor Ikpeazu, gave directives that people should stop indiscriminate dumping or littering of waste and  that defaulters will be arrested and taken to sanitation court.
He revealed that about 48 defaulters are already serving their jail terms in Aba prison and we will continue to take defaulters of the sanitation court.
Explaining the reason behind the agency’s successes in Aba, he hinted that, he has trained ASEPA workers  to develop passion for the job,adding that without passion, one can not do the job effectively.
He further, disclosed that, team spirit is another strong factor that has been motivating them to achieve success in Aba zone.
According to him, ”  we try to draw a program and it is helping us to achieve some of this things. I  created educational department to create the necessary awareness in schools,markets and other places on how to manage waste and then the workers welfare and incentives ,these are some of the things we do to ensure success in Aba zone”
He however, urged Umuahia zone to key in and adhere to what Abia Orientation Agency  sensitizing  them on  ,saying with positive  attitudinal change ,umuahia environment will wear a new look.

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