40 Year Old Man Caught While Sexually Abusing 2 Little Boys In Umuahia


Strange things are happening these days ,some sound incredible .
Along Uyo street by Owerri Road Umuahia a man of about 40 years of age was nearly killed by mob action ,if not for the quick intervention of the Nigeria police force.

He was apprehended while having carnal knowledge of 2 boys of age 8 and 9 years age bracket.

The man is said to be practicing homosexual for some years now,but today luck ran out of him ,as he was caught while penetrating the boys from their anus at his house in Eket street.


According to confession made by the man while being tortured by the mob, ” pls forgive me ,it is the devil ‘s work . I started sleeping with little boys for some years now. I do not know if I am possess ,I enjoy having sex with little boys from 10 years down. I do not enjoy sleeping with girls or women “

However ,the two boys who were rescued by people said , ” This man for sometime now ,has been sleeping with my friend and I , including other boys of our age.

” My name is David Eze Sunday from Ebonyi state , and my friend’s name is ThankGod , we live at Cameron street by Calabar road.


” Every evening,this man usually gives each of us N200 and take us to his house at Eket street and do us homosexual”

Commenting on what he meant by homosexual, he said ,” he gives us N200 and we follow him to his house, there he will remove my trousers and put his penis inside through my anus “

Commenting on whether today is the first time ,” No ,he has been doing it and we did not tell our parents because ,he told us not to tell anyone and gives us money”

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