ICAN Sensitizes Students On The Need To Be A Chartered Accountant

By Steve Unegbu

The Executive Secretary Abia state Secondary Education Management Board (SEMB) ,Sir Architect Lawrence Ogbonna, has urged students to be focused in  whatever they find themselves in and do their best,  for there is light at the end of every tunnel ,pointing out that  the awareness the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria is creating  is to  help them to know that there a great profession called Accounting.

According to him, ” you need to be patient in any profession you find  yourself,grow up there and do your best, your luck can always shine from any place you are ” he said
He pointed out ,that accounting policy is a very necessary part of a successful business policy ,adding that ” Accounting is different from other professions ,you can be a medical doctor and accountant, you can be a builder and Accountant, you can be a teacher and Accountant, because there are jobs abound in relation to your profession  and accounting “
” There is always a place for an Accountant in every profession that is why accounting is very unique and that is where they open doors which they invite and welcome anybody that comes in ” he said.
In her speech, the representative of ICAN Lagos office, Mrs Ogunnaike Marble ,commended the efforts of all the Umuahia District Members who were at the event, acknowledging that they have done a good job.
She said, she was in Umuahia because of the catch them young program of ICAN, “which is just for students .We are here to enlighten the students, the young ones about ICAN. So that they will have the full knowledge of what ICAN is all about “
In the separate speeches, some of the teachers that participated on the program, expressed their happiness, while commending ICAN for such educative and informative program. For Mrs Ofor Arulachi Mary of Master vessel classical Academy, ” it is a wonderful opportunity for the students who participated. I  have decided to sensitize people on ICAN and God will bless the organizers and for Mrs Ulu Promise of Jomeg school, ” it has given students the understanding of what ICAN means and will guide them in future “
Earlier, the Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Umuahia District Society, Mrs Rosemary Ngozi Amakwe  .  ,said the event is an annual event, which they call  ‘Catch Them Young ‘
According to her,  “it is meant to sensitize students about ICAN, how they can become chartered Accountants ,the shortest way to become Chartered Accountants ,that is just what it is all about “
Speaking further, she pointed out that ” we create awareness so that they know that ICAN is a profession of which if you venture into it, you will become successful in life “
She urged the students to choose accounting as profession ,not just accounting profession but chartered Accountants through official examinations.

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