28-Year -Old Lady Commits Suicide Because Her Boyfriend Died

28-Year-Old Lady Commits Suicide After She Found Out Childhood Boyfriend She Had Blood Covenant With Died

Twenty-eight-year-old Jennifer Agyemang has taken her own life after she discovered that her childhood boyfriend she had a blood covenant with died last year.

Reports indicate that she had lost physical contact with her boyfriend after she traveled to study abroad

According to her mother, Jennifer who was a native of Nkoranza was born at Kumasi Nhyiaeso.

From Methodist Primary School to Yaa Asantewaa Senior High School all both in Kumasi, to Colorado College in the US state of Colorado, Jennifer was seen as one of the smartest females in the Agyemang family of Kumasi Nhyiaeso.

Jennifer met Ancah Sarpong Smith who became her childhood lover right from Yaa Asantewaa to the US. The duo continue their love affairs even when Jennifer went to the US to study Physics.

According to Jennifer’s mother, Mrs. Agnes Agyemang, Jennifer and Sarpong did interact in a secrete covenant before Jennifer went to the US to study Physics. It was rumoured that Sarpong suffered diabetes and died in July 2019. The family did not inform Jennifer because she was about to write her final exams for graduation. Jennifer arrived in Ghana on January 15th, 2020 and went on hunting for her lover who was dead and buried. Nobody told her anything since the family knew it was just a childhood love and will be overcome when she finds nothing about Sarpong.

Jennifer found out Sarpong was dead on March 25th but could not do anything due to the lockdown. After confirming from funeral photos and burial videos from Sarpong’s family, Jennifer finally took her life with a bathing sponge right at her family’s house at Nhyiaeso last night.

Jennifer arrived at her parents’ house at Nhyiaeso yesterday with the aim of spending the weekend with them, not knowing the family was going to wake up to a suicide note.

In her suicide note, she stated that her life is meaningless since she cannot marry or even have s3x with anyone due to a sacred covenant she had with Sarpong before completing Yaa Asantewaa Senior High and proceeding to the US for her Physics degree.

The family believes she was possessed, the mother said during an interview which was full of tears and sorrow.


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