2023 Is The Turn of Igbos To President….Iwuanyanwu

If Nigerians have conscience, they must support a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023 ……Iwuanyanwu
Elder statesman and front line politician chief (Dr ) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu ,has said the South -East must be allowed to produce the next president in 2023 so that Nigeria would actually move to the next level of socio- economic  and political emancipation.
Iwuanyanwu ,who spoke to journalists in Umuahia ,the Abia state capital ,at the weekend during an inaugural lecture organized by the Eastern People’s Consultative Forum ( EPCOF )
Iwuanyanwu said the current security challenges which appear to have defiled all solutions, could be tackled by a president of Southeast extraction if elected.
” Every good Nigerian ,every good Muslim, every good Christian must support a president of Nigeria of Southeast extraction”
” If Nigerians have conscience ,equity and Justice demand that they should allow the Igbos to produce the next president in 2023 “
I have made consultations to different Nigerians in the North ,I have made consultations in the South West ,80% of them are in support of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction and of Southeast region.
Expressing disappointment over what he called leadership failures in the country ,the elder statesman believed that Ndigbo are highly detribalized and that it is only the tribe that can be found in the remotest villages in Nigeria ,living peacefully ,doing their businesses and paying their taxes .
According to him ,with the Ndigbo industry and ingenuity ,those challenges of the nation would be resolved “
Since 1966 ,the military took over the government ,we had never have a better government, the best government we ever had in this country was the government of Tafewa Belewa and Zik ,when Zik was the president. The leaders then were committed and transparent.
  • ” We have paid our dues socially ,economically and politically landscape ,it was Nnamdi Azikiwe that laid the foundation of this country “

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